About Us

We are a technology based company operating out of salt lake, Sec-V, in Kolkata, India. We believe in making Easy to use and useful products for small and medium business to use and resolve complex issues.

We are a team of 50 smart and hardworking people in strength with highly unique skills. Our team is led by following three directors

Anup Jalan

having more than 10 years of rich experience in customer service industry in MNCs like wipro and Mphasis, Anup has gained strengths in all aspects of customer service, technical skills, leadership skills, and client communication skills. Now Anup is dedicated to solving customer service problems of small and medium business.

Sourabh Jalan

having more than 6 years of experience in customer service operations, Sourabh has gained unique skills in operations and leadership serving diverse sectors like telecom and retail. He brings with him his expertise in problem solving and team management.

Rohit Jalan

Rohit has gained extensive knowledge in Software development and Architecture designs, he understands latest technologies and converts them into usable software. He has very good problem solving, analytical and logical reasoning skills and brings his strengths in the core development of the products.

Along with them, we have a highly intelligent and smart team of software developers and customer service experts who help in building our products from ground up. We all mix well with each other and share our best practices to help strengthen the team.